Probiotic Combo


Eating foods rich in good bacteria may promote good digestive health, prevention of gastrointestinal diseases,prevent antibiotic related gut issues, boost immunity and decrease body inflammation,prevent mental illness, promotes healthy skin and much more. Helps in treatment of blood pressure, diabetes, non alcoholic fatty liver too.

All paleobay products are home made and prepared in hygienic environment.All our products are FSSAI certified  for quality.

Probiotic Combo consists of
a)live milk Kefir Grains
b)Probiotic Lime Pickle  -200g

c) Probiotic Amla Pickle -200g
d)Probiotic Raw Turmeric Paste with herbs-200g




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Probiotic Combo
live milk Kefir Grains
Probiotic Lime Pickle -200g

Probiotic Amla Pickle-200g
Probiotic Raw Turmeric Paste-200g

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