Cedarwood Oil – 8g


Fragrance:Earthy,Woodsy,Slightly Sweet.

Benefits of Cedarwood essential oil

It has anti-inflammatory effect on arthritis.
Cures toothache and strengthens gums.
Acts as an antiseptic on wounds.
Stimulates metabolism
Cures acne
Stimulates regular menstruation
Eliminates cough and removes phlegm.
Used asmosquito and insect repellent
Cures fungal infections
Excellent sedative
Cures obesity, high blood pressure and urinary tract infection
Relieves spasms
Reduces inflammation, skin peeling and helps treat Seborrhoea.

Pure Essential Oil, Suggestions for Usage : Add a few drops in your hand wash/ body wash/ hair wash/ body oil/ bathing water/ cleaning water/ candle/ diffuser. Put a few drops on your pillow.

Net Weight: 8 gms

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Cedarwood oil 8 g


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